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Lighter Maintenance

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13 Apr

Lighter Maintenance

Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your torch flame lighter:

Before you fill your lighter, bleed the trapped air an old gas out before you fill it.

It is like letting the air out of a tire. Depress the pin at the fill inlet with a small screwdriver or paper clip. Do not use a toothpick or anything that may break off in the lighter inlet. Use a top grade butane. Most butane from the drug store or hardware store are NOT refined enough for the micro jets in your torch lighter. You need a very refined, clean fuel to keep your lighter working properly. We use the XIKAR fuel here at the store. It has been tested and refined to hold the warranty in all of your butane lighters.

Sometimes you will notice that the torch FLAME is rounded like a match flame and not a POINTED flame. Usually that indicates that dust or ash has fallen into the lighter and clogged the jets. An easy fix that we use, is to use some compressed air (canned air for computers) to blow out or dust the jets of the lighter.

ALSO, remember to adjust the flame properly. If your lighter is “spitting” fuel, your lighter may be turned up too high. Try lowering the flame by adjusting to screw were you fill the lighter or adjusting the flame adjust wheel if your lighter has one. Sometimes you have to play with the flame adjustment to get your flame right where you want it, not too high or too low.

Remember: Any lighter you purchase from The Cigar Connoisseur includes free adjustments. So if your lighter is not broken but needs an adjustment, just drop in next your getting your cigars and we will tune your lighter up for you.

For more information on lighter maintenance or to purchase your new torch lighter, visit The Cigar Connoisseur.


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